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Shipping begins in California and Florida March 1st . States including Arizona , North Carolina and any state in between or south  will be shipped March 15th , all otherparts of the United States orders will be shipped approx. the second week in April. ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDERS MUST BE BY E-MAIL OR CALLED IN SO THEY CAN  BE RESEARCHED  FOR EXPORT REQUIREMENTS .


We ship all orders by Priority Mail (Post Office).

$0.00 to $19.99 = $7.95
$20.00 to $49.99 = $8.95
$50.00 to $99.99 = $9.95
$100.00 to $199.99 = $12.95
$200.00 to $499.99 = $15.95
$500 and up = $18.95

Please remember that it may take us a few days for all orders to ship out from the start date.

If an order is lost in shipment, and we can provide documented delivery, the order will be replaced at buyer’s own expense. We are not liable for packages left at your delivery address.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area and would prefer to pick up your dahlias at our location at 8005 SE Mill St., you will need to prepare here, but we will reimburse your shipping charges at the time you pick up your order.

Our tubers are guaranteed to grow and be free from disease. Guarantee covers the current season orders, and we are not responsible for customer negligence, weather conditions, rodent damage, winter storage, or performance of plants in following seasons. Any failures must be reported and failed tubers returned by October 15th of the same growing season. Replacements will be sent the following spring at no charge. Replacements are made with the exact variety that failed, no substitutions. NO CASH REFUNDS.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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